Tuesday, December 31, 2013

my cell phone went missing

My cell phone went missing in December along with all my pictures, and intentions to upload them and catch up with my blog before the new year. It being just barely the afternoon of the thirty-first, I'm still hoping to be current by 2014.

  I feel grateful for each day with my children, in all honesty, notwithstanding the fact that I just excused myself to pound the mop on the dining room floor in futility, my effort to quiet an argument in the girls' basement bedroom. So I will gather up what pictures I prudently posted to Facebook, and call it my archives for the past few months, although I know that there are many that I've neglected, and are now lost somewhere in the memory of my very cracked iphone, in a random drawer, under the bathroom sink, tucked into Sophie's glittery dress-up purse. The possibilities are endless with a three-year old in the house. Much better to post pictures quickly, I've learned.

Lovely Olivia turned ten in August.

 The present opening.

 Grant started Kindergarten.
 Sophie's third birthday in September, and the first day that Grant got to ride the school bus.
 Our front yard,
the day of the great flood of September 2013.
 Our favorite event of the year, The Riverwoods ward September Salmon fry.
 Another favorite Fall memory, picnics with Grandma Martha at Paul Ream nature park.  Hunting for leaches.
And feeding the ducks.
 The kids performed on the hay wagon ride at the Spanish Fork Harvest Moon celebration.
 Grant turned six in October.
 We celebrated with a picnic lunch in the canyon, and dinner at Nickle City.
 And just before Halloween, beautiful, spirited Mary turned nine. She hosted a small party with friends, and dangled doughnuts from the ceiling fan--one set of pictures I really hope to find again.

Lagoon 2013

In August, some of the big kids and I drove up to Lagoon. Thank you to Grandma Martha for entertaining the little ones at her house. It gave Sam the opportunity to torture me on all his favorite roller coasters.

The moment before Caitlin's first roller coaster. She was actually fearless from that point on, and accompanied Sam on all the rides.

Sam bought everyone shakes when it was time to go. This was definitely one of my favorite days of the summer.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

beijing friends 2013

 I found a note that Caitlin wrote to Amelia shortly after our impromptu Beijing friends picnic in August.  It said, " If I could see you again it would be  like Heaven."  It's funny that I had thought the same thing about seeing our friends again.
 Our traditional reunion spot is Rock Canyon park.  Bethany, the naturalist, took to the trees to photograph creatures and siblings.

It was great to see these guys together again!

Monday, October 7, 2013

alamosa family

In August, after I returned home from California, my Dad and I took a drive to see my sister, Anne, and soon-to-be brother-in-law, Eric, in Alamosa, Colorado. We were excited to meet the newest addition to their family, Jessie, a Blue Heeler.

 We were excited to see you too Shelby,

 and Jake too.

The night that we arrived, Annie had to work until after mid-night.  Eric made us a fabulous meal of grilled squash, Chilles rellenos, and vegetable tamales. 

 The next day Eric gave us a tour of their greenhouse.

We had breakfast in a little diner in town. It was great to see Anne and Eric, even if we just had a short time together.  Annie had to go back to work after breakfast.

After we said good-bye to Anne, Eric showed us his gorgeous photography exhibit at the Alamosa Public Library.

 Eric was a wonderful host.  He accompanied us out to the Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa in a little town called Moffat, Colorado, where we  soaked in the thermal pools as a storm rolled in.  Then we said good-bye to Eric too, and started on our way back to Utah. Thank you, Eric and Anne.  We can't wait to see you again this month!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

my soul mate is a pelican

Last day of walks on the beach to post--I promise.

 Thank you, Amy. Whenever you asked what I wanted to do, with the exception of finding Hugh Jackman on Hollywood Boulevard, it always seemed to be walk on the beach.  I loved Oxnard Beach. It was my first time to spend anytime there, and that night in particular, it was otherworldly.

 My soul mate is a pelican.