Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last week, Wednesday, the ward hosted the ninth annual neighborhood salmon fry and fish toss.  It was our third year to attend. Our first time was while we were on medevac waiting for Grant to be born.  Then there was last year, just two days before Sophie's birth.  Now it is hard to believe how much life has changed and how quickly Sophie has become a toddler, and Uh-oh is her favorite word.  I had no camera working, but I thought  I couldn't top last year's pictures anyway. Click here to see them.

Thursday morning we took pictures of autumn shadows. 

I went to K-mart to buy dance outfits for the girls and couldn't resist the autumn mix.

Thursday is dance day now.  Caitlin's class is first.  Then we play outside for an hour while we wait for the big girls.  Winter will need a new strategy.

I love these pictures of Caitlin and our new dance class friend upstage.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

september weekend

The second weekend in September we had nothing to do.  That was a great feeling. So Saturday morning we made pancakes, which smelled wonderful, like nothing to do.

This was Friday, September 9.  I had the day off from Friday clinic so I was finally able to schedule the movers' arrival.  They were delivering our stuff from China.

Here's Friday afternoon.  We were walking home from the movie theatre.  Sam paid for the four of us to go to see Contagion with some of the money he earned cleaning up after our hometeacher's enormous dogs. Contagion is now my favorite movie.  I have a passion for pathology.

Saturday morning after pancakes I tried to get the kids to help me clean up the part of the house that surrounds the over one hundred boxes that are now sitting unopened in our living room and downstairs in the family room that is also Kyle's bedroom.  I had some limited success. The boxes could be there indefinitely at this rate.

Saturday night, more comfort food.  Chicken curry casserole and chocolate chip cookies for my primary class.  I really need to open those boxes so I can find the casserole dish.

Marie's dog came to visit.

Sunday afternoon, William was too hungry to wait for the barbecue at Granddad's house.

Bethany and McDuff.
Judith and Sophie.

sophie's first birthday

I was grateful that Sophie's first birthday fell on a Saturday, and a special one too.  It was also Olivia's baptism day.  We were miraculously all dressed by ten-thirty. We met Jeremy and Judy's family and Grandma Julia at the Stake center. 
Olivia and Granddad.

Olivia asked Sam and Ben to give talks.  The kids and I sang "When I am baptised"  and Judith played the piano.  I was grateful that our new friends and neighbors, the Cazier family were there too.
Olivia and her cousin Julia.

After the baptism we drove to my favorite place in the canyon, Vivian Park. 

William, Grant, and cousin Mylee

Sophie's cousins Rachel and Bo.

Sophie and Bo.
Grandma Martha.
Grandma Julia, Sam, and Sophie.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

august cornfield

Sunday August 28,  Saydah, my good friend from school, invited us to come to Santaquin to pick corn.
Sam made lunch and shared some with me. The most delicious chicken strips.  He has been inspired to do more cooking lately. He loves watching Chopped on the Food Network.

Ben was in charge of planning Family Home Evening so we went to see Super 8 at the dollar theatre. That was really Tuesday, had to postpone a night due to my Cranial Sacral final.