Sunday, September 22, 2013

santa barbara

Monday morning, my last day in California, Amy let me use her car to drive up to Santa Barbara. I did favorite thing to do there, walk around aimlessly for hours.  This is the courthouse.

View of the Arlington theater from my favorite parking lot by the library.
I walked from the harbor down to the East Beach Grill.

Thousand steps on the Mesa. This was from our Saturday trip to Santa Barbara. We met our good friend Tara for lunch. It was so good to see her again.

ventura breakwater

Sunday evening Amy and I had a picnic dinner by the Ventura breakwater.

los angeles

I spent another morning enjoying the heavenly ocean air, walking down to the pier and back into downtown Ventura, where I wandered about until it was time to meet Amy.  We drove down to Los Angeles to the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple.  Where we experienced just a few of God's tender mercies, really too private to discuss here, but Amy was again, my angel friend in disguise.
 After the temple we drove into Los Angeles. I really have always wanted to go to Hollywood Boulevard. I love that Amy is always ready to make the most of the day.  She was an excellent tour guide. 

I think you know who I was looking for.

 Almost a dream come true. 

 On Sunday afternoon, Amy drove me to the Paramount Ranch, continuing with our movies theme.  Thank you, Amy.  I am blessed with wonderful friends and wonderful memories.

Does this look familiar? This was the set for Dr. Quinn.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ventura pier

In August, I had some time to spend by myself, so I flew to California to see my good friend Amy.  Amy works at  an educational resource center, primarily for migrant workers, in Oxnard.  While she was at work, I wandered around downtown Ventura and walked down to the pier, and to the fairgrounds, and bird refuge. I was grateful  for new opportunities, for peaceful, beautiful views, and time to think...but here I am missing my family.

 This is my dear friend Amy at her office. She is my proof that God sends angels disguised as friends who listen. According to the math, we have been friends for twenty-nine years. And still possessing eighth grade humor. Thank you, Amy.

One evening we went kayaking in the Ventura harbor.  I was watching a cormorant dive for a fish, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sting ray swim underneath my kayak.  I thought it was auspicious.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

timp falls

In July some of the school aged kids took part in Jessica Knight's folk music camp. They met daily for two weeks.  Jessica  offers several sessions throughout the summer.  This session happened to be at an elementary school in Mapleton, a small town to the south of Provo.  While the big kids were off with their banjo, cello, guitar, and violins, I took the little ones to Mapleton Park, that we called Shady Park because of the beautiful, large trees, presumably maples.

 On Pioneer Day the class met at Mapleton Park to perform at the small town celebration.

 The kids enjoyed the carnival afterwards.

My good friend Janis and I persisted in our coercing our children on hikes.  This is the parking lot at the Timpanogas Trailhead.   We hiked up to the Timpanogas falls, 
Which was just right for Grant.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

fourth of July 2013

First thing in the morning I dropped Bethany off at her final Stadium of Fire rehearsal.

 And as tradition states, we went to the Provo Freedom Festival parade with Granddad,

and passed out Red Vines to new friends.

 In the afternoon we went to the movies with Grandma Martha.

And in the evening we were grateful to be invited out to our home teacher's ranch for a BBQ.

Meanwhile, Bethany was getting ready to dance in the Stadium of Fire. I was so proud of her in this moment  as she walked in to the crowd all by herself. She worked hard out in the heat all week long and never complained.
 At home Ben and Kyle set off flowers and smoke bombs in the park, and helped the little ones with sparklers.
Bethany returned home after midnight. As you can see, she had a wonderful time.