Saturday, September 7, 2013

timp falls

In July some of the school aged kids took part in Jessica Knight's folk music camp. They met daily for two weeks.  Jessica  offers several sessions throughout the summer.  This session happened to be at an elementary school in Mapleton, a small town to the south of Provo.  While the big kids were off with their banjo, cello, guitar, and violins, I took the little ones to Mapleton Park, that we called Shady Park because of the beautiful, large trees, presumably maples.

 On Pioneer Day the class met at Mapleton Park to perform at the small town celebration.

 The kids enjoyed the carnival afterwards.

My good friend Janis and I persisted in our coercing our children on hikes.  This is the parking lot at the Timpanogas Trailhead.   We hiked up to the Timpanogas falls, 
Which was just right for Grant.

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