Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year

Monday, December 26 I took the kids and some of their friends to Classic Skate. Sam requested Dancing Queen for me because I told him it was the quintessential roller skating song. There goes Ben.

Ben wouldn't stop to pose because they were playing Journey.

Tuesday Sam was my handy man.  He put together Caitlin's Tinkerbell Cafe.

It's been plastic cinnamon rolls and "What do you want to drink mom?" all week long.
I finally got around to cooking the turkey dinner I'd had planned for Christmas eve. Sam made some delicious mashed potatoes for us.
I asked Bethany to pose with the turkey but she said "No, that's disgusting. I hate turkey."  I guess it does look a little graphic.

Someone needed to pour his own cranberry juice.
I was grateful that Rob lugged the Bosch in his carry ons back from China.  So I went back to making cookies.  Chocolate chip on Tuesday, Snicker doodles Friday.

Back to snow and cold...
This was Wednesday.
Thursday we were excited to have a quick visit from the Sevys, our good friends from Beijing.

It was our first time to meet their adorable twins.

In the evening I took the kids and Grandma back to Pizza Pie Cafe.
Sam got a coupon for a free Cookie Monster dessert for being student of the day in December.

Now it's Friday evening..Happy New Year to you

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

santa giraffe

My favorite thing overheard... Christmas 2010.  William pointed to Mary's new reindeer and said "Santa giraffe."
Christmas morning...
Sophie's first.
One of our new hamster friends...


We were grateful to spend the day with Grandma Martha. It's been a long time since we've been together for the holidays. In the evening we had dinner with Granddad and Judith. They reserved the clubhouse so the kids would have more space to run around like crazed Christmas candy junkies.
Judith made a wonderful feast for us.
Olivia has been attached to that camera since she opened it.  It was one of the many gifts we received from our home teacher Santas.
Judith also made these adorable cupcakes with yummy cherry frosting.
Jackie and Isaco  and Isaco's brother came to dinner too.

Jackie brought their beautiful gingerbread houses and gifts for the kids...sparklers for New Year's Eve and a snowman building kit.  We can't wait to use them.

Iron man came too.

This is Iron man flying.

How was your Christmas? Please let me know.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


...danced in their heads...

I have five in my room this Christmas Eve..
We had a visit from our home teacher and his elves.  Grant said our home teacher is "the real Santa." He came with "a pack."  We felt very blessed.

Some one is waiting to be discovered.  I need to speak to my therapist about this.  I thought I was a recovered pet owner,  but Christmas brings out my inner includer.

The children came home from their visit with Rob, each one excited to tell about his or her favorite part of the few days. I'd stayed up well past midnight each night, feeling to hesitant to go to bed without my little companions, and trying to get the wrapping done. And here I am again.

It's Christmas morning. I am grateful for the birth of our Savior. I am grateful for the friends who have reached out to me and my family this Christmas time, with gifts and kind words. I am grateful for friends faraway, you grace my memories, strengthen my children and me with your good influences. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas..a blessed holiday season. I pray that you feel the love of God in your life. I am grateful for the friends and family who have helped me recognize it too.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

holiday beginnings

Tuesday December 21, my mother's to blame for this.
Weatherman said rain. My mom had to want snow so she could get all booted and bundled up and slosh around Christmas shopping on foot for four hours Tuesday, just to prove she's still a Maine-uh.

Meanwhile, my Tuesday was all about the highly anticipated Christmas program at the elementary school, and the parties after, and I signed up to bring treats, that kind of a day.... the kind of day when you wake up and don't see snow with idyllic thoughts.  So I ended up getting the littlest kids loaded up and buckled in and even managed to pull out of that pile of snow plow refuse you can see there, though that's not my vehicle, before the school bus even arrived.  That gave me an unanticipated notch of credibility with the kids.

Did I mention that I don't love driving, particularly on partially plowed, slushy, icy, don't- let- me- get- stuck here- with- mine- and- the- neighbor's- kids- roads?  That was my Tuesday morning.  Won't give you the entire itinerary, but will admit, for biographical purposes, that for my (almost) twenty-five licensed years I've chickened out of any situation of stressful snow driving. I claim to be a California girl when the circumstances warrant it.  But, it felt pretty good to face my fears for a change. Anyway, I'm a die-hard about Christmas programs.

Olivia's back there somewhere.A great rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. I saw Olivia's head pop up for the two turtle doves.  Kyle's class also presented a jazzed up Twelve Days.  Mary sang in Spanish.  Bethany sang about Santa's cold.  William ran around the school while I tried to lure him back with a pack of sixty miniature candy canes.
Tuesday was also about getting ready for Rob's arrival.  I tried to clean and as usual Grant and William saw to a different agenda.  Kyle is always of the mindset that we shouldn't put on airs, since Dad already knows our house is always messy. And I just respond with...  Nonetheless.

So Tuesday was my first time to pack the kids up and send them off with it the end of a chapter, or beginning of a new one. Co-parenting. How's that?  The kids couldn't wait to see him and couldn't wait to see their cousins up in Salt Lake. Thanks to Aunt Judy and Uncle Jeremy for agreeing to house seventeen children, our ten and their seven, for three days. I hope they survive.

I was grateful that Rob shoveled the back porch, that was thoughtful, while I saw to the packing that I should have known would take several hours, but tried to throw together in minutes.  So it was a chaotic departure, but that must have felt like a homecoming for Rob.  Standing in the silence after they left, I could feel the walls still vibrate from the excitement and kid commotion that had just passed through, like the ringing of sound waves after the final cadence of a climactic orchestral movement.

I went to the Relief Society dinner.  Was grateful for the opportunity to sing. And I'm not just saying I guess I've made progress.  I wasn't too nauseous to eat and enjoy the company before the program. That's progress.

I guess Rob got worried that I'd died from the shock of too much quiet so he had Ben call to check on me Wednesday morning. I was just trying not to be a butt-in-ski (one of my favorite words, though I'm not sure how to spell it.) Just honestly enjoying handing all the responsibility over to Rob for a few days..a much needed break from the stress of wondering what William is getting in to.  By the way who got a hold of my camera?

I love this one. It looks like someone was having a near death experience.

I spent Wednesday cleaning and studying up about e-bay business, waiting for a call from the e-bay coach. So far no takers on the rubber chicken, so I guess Ben's getting it in his stocking after all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

december weeks

Have we really past the middle of the month?  I've been busy trying something new...e-bay.  Who knew you could make a living auctioning off  rubber chickens?

So here's a hodgepodge of December pictures...


and sunset...

Sophie, shadows, sunshine, smile...

Sophie and Caitlin...
and Caitlin and her preschool teacher on Pajama Day.  They took an imaginary field trip on the Polar Express.

It's the season of lists.

Here's the man.

Kyle's giving it some thought..