Wednesday, December 29, 2010

santa giraffe

My favorite thing overheard... Christmas 2010.  William pointed to Mary's new reindeer and said "Santa giraffe."
Christmas morning...
Sophie's first.
One of our new hamster friends...


We were grateful to spend the day with Grandma Martha. It's been a long time since we've been together for the holidays. In the evening we had dinner with Granddad and Judith. They reserved the clubhouse so the kids would have more space to run around like crazed Christmas candy junkies.
Judith made a wonderful feast for us.
Olivia has been attached to that camera since she opened it.  It was one of the many gifts we received from our home teacher Santas.
Judith also made these adorable cupcakes with yummy cherry frosting.
Jackie and Isaco  and Isaco's brother came to dinner too.

Jackie brought their beautiful gingerbread houses and gifts for the kids...sparklers for New Year's Eve and a snowman building kit.  We can't wait to use them.

Iron man came too.

This is Iron man flying.

How was your Christmas? Please let me know.

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J said...

We were just listening to your music. Isaku (and I) are both so impressed. Now we will have Do Re Mi in our heads (a good thing!) You have adorable children and are an amazing woman!