Wednesday, August 28, 2013

June 2013

 Breakfast with William at UVU.   In mid-June I took Mary and Olivia back for their second year of Women's basketball camp at Utah Valley University.  Coach Nixon is amazing, and I love that the girls had an opportunity to observe her leadership, as well as learn about basketball.

William enjoyed the morning drop-offs.  

I am grateful for the ward scout leaders who were dedicated to holding frequent camp outs this summer.  The boys enjoyed a lot of hikes,  some kayaking, fishing for crawdads,  and of course, Red Vines and beef jerky.We spent time with some of our wonderful friends from the Beijing days, the Carrillo family.

We went to the Asian market and bought our old favorite snacks, like sesame crackers and White Rabbit candies, and made dumplings.  These needed improvement.

We were also blessed by a visit from our dear Beijing friends the Sevy family.  We hadn't seen them since before they left for Denmark.  It was a very happy reunion.

 In June,  Hugo the rabbit began acting a bit strange and the kids suspected that she was pregnant. On one of her outside escapes she dug this hole and prepared a nest with her fur.  Kyle observed the preparations, and carefully pulled the two babies out of the hole so we could bring the babies and mother inside.

This was about a month later.  Sadly both bunnies have passed away since then, but we enjoyed their little spirits in our home.

 The last week of June, Ben and Sam enjoyed almost a week in California at the FBLA Nationals competition.  They got to spend three days at Disneyland.

Grant and William enjoyed many June evenings running around as various Superheroes.  Sophie was Snoopy Girl, Princess Girl, or whatever-kind-of-Girl seemed appropriate at the time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stewart falls

In June we went on a family hike to Stewart falls.  The boys couldn't resist running through the icy Spring water running down from the snow pack. Wherever we go with any body of water, we end with a drenched clothing picture.  Ben, Sam, and Kyle proved themselves worthy of the polar bear award again.

We had dinner by the stream.  Evening was a perfect time for the hike.  Even though the day was almost too hot to even consider exercise, by the time we drove up, passed Sundance and Aspen Grove to the Timpanogas trail parking lot, the air was cool and the sun behind the mountain. The Stewart Falls trail is about four miles round trip. Perfect for families.

 Caitlin brought her friend Grace.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

summer barbecue

On one of my favorite evenings of the summer, I picked up Caitlin from a birthday party. She asked if we could have a barbecue, and we went to the store to buy supplies.
We all sat out on the front steps watching Ben build the perfect fire.  Even the neighbor kids looked on, as in male ritual.

The girls performed their cartwheels and wanted me to film them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

orem summerfest 2013

  I was grateful for a perfect weekend of Summerfest days in June.

  The teacups are my favorite.
      Sophie's first fun house
 Ferris wheel survivors.  I love you, Sam, for taking so much pleasure in taking your little brothers on their first terrifying ride.

The Saturday evening parade. Sophie is the center of her brother's attention.

And later that night, some of us returned for the fireworks...they could almost compete with Olivia's smile.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

ben's birthday--june 2013

 I love that Ben wanted to have his birthday celebration right in our front yard.
 This was the morning. Waffles and strawberries with whipped cream.

 In the afternoon we went to the Provo rec center for swimming and water slides, and returned for fried chicken, and Ben's favorite root beer.
 Sophie was doing a little rearranging and micromanaging in preparation for the birthday. Candles don't go on pecan pie, she insisted.

Earlier she had announced it was her birthday and chose the wrapping paper accordingly.

 We made a little switch while she wasn't looking. Ben's gifts are all about art. He is creative, whimsical, responsible, and affectionate. 

 I love you Ben. I couldn't be more proud of you