Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year

Monday, December 26 I took the kids and some of their friends to Classic Skate. Sam requested Dancing Queen for me because I told him it was the quintessential roller skating song. There goes Ben.

Ben wouldn't stop to pose because they were playing Journey.

Tuesday Sam was my handy man.  He put together Caitlin's Tinkerbell Cafe.

It's been plastic cinnamon rolls and "What do you want to drink mom?" all week long.
I finally got around to cooking the turkey dinner I'd had planned for Christmas eve. Sam made some delicious mashed potatoes for us.
I asked Bethany to pose with the turkey but she said "No, that's disgusting. I hate turkey."  I guess it does look a little graphic.

Someone needed to pour his own cranberry juice.
I was grateful that Rob lugged the Bosch in his carry ons back from China.  So I went back to making cookies.  Chocolate chip on Tuesday, Snicker doodles Friday.

Back to snow and cold...
This was Wednesday.
Thursday we were excited to have a quick visit from the Sevys, our good friends from Beijing.

It was our first time to meet their adorable twins.

In the evening I took the kids and Grandma back to Pizza Pie Cafe.
Sam got a coupon for a free Cookie Monster dessert for being student of the day in December.

Now it's Friday evening..Happy New Year to you

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Jocy505 said...

Oh man you sure know how to make someone hungry. every thing looks so good :)