Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sunday evening we drove to Salt Lake City. Sam wanted to take pictures of the temple for his photojournalism assignment.  We arrived just as the Christmas fireside was starting so it was too crowded to park.  I dropped Sam off and he went in to Temple Square to take pictures.

We circled around, picked up Sam and then the rest of the kids wanted a turn. So Grandma Martha agreed to take the whole group while I drove around  the city again. I didn't know there was an ice skating rink by the Marriott.  Caitlin loves to ice skate...we'll have to do that sometime.

Monday I brought home a Christmas tree. We spent the evening cleaning and decorating the house.
We got a surprise visit from some friends from the ward.  They knew our townhouse has no coat closet so we had a big pile of coats in our stairwell.  They came to our rescue with a drill and coat hooks. We love the new system.

We're grateful for friends.


miriam.plass said...

If you guys ever come up to do the ice skating let me know! I would love to bring Addie. Probably not the younger man, but I think she would love it! Sorry we haven't made it down there, but we've been busy planting grass.

Jocy505 said...

Yea,we stayed at the marriot when we were in Salt Lake around the 10th. Heidi was so excited... Maybe she will get a chance to try it sometime we don't have anything like that down here in Farmington, NM.

I hope you have been able to make it up there to do that or atleast to do that soon.

I also love the hooks that is what I did last year by our side door and then this year I added a new set by our front door. They make it great to have a place to put all those school bags and coats. :)