Saturday, December 4, 2010

our day

My favorite thing about my birthday is sharing it with William.

Grandma Martha bought us lunch from Kohinoor Cuisine of India. It just opened up down the street.  It was wonderful...but made me a bit melancholy...missing Victor's in Shunyi and remembering  lunches and dinners there with friends...because the butter chicken was every bit as good.

William liked it too.  He has good taste.

After lunch William was ready
for a bath with the toy submarine that Rob sent him.
For weeks we haven't driven passed Chuck E. Cheese without someone reminding Will that we'd be going there for his birthday.

And that someone was usually Grant.

Sophie was happy about being three months old.

I tried to get the boys' picture with Chuck E.  but he wouldn't pause long enough.  I'm not sure why they pay him.

When we got home Grandad came by gifts.  Grant was helping.  Grant spent the day coming to terms with birthday envy.  I didn't get a Batman race car either.

The boys had spent the morning digging around and playing with the toys in the closet where I've made a vain attempt to hide gifts. But I decided to wrap them anyway.  This firetruck was from Grandma Martha.

 Grandma Martha also
 bought us a cake to share.

I'm grateful for William.


Z. Marie said...

I love the combination of flowers and Spiderman on the cake.

Lindsay said...

Megan! Zhu ni shengri kuai le!! And William too! We miss you guys TONS (and lunch at Victor's too). Call me! Your BFF from #922

Kim's Piece of Mind... said...

Dear Megan... Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed it - the Indian food looks delicious. My mom and my brother also share a birthday. That is special :-). Also, Sophie is so pretty! She does not looks like an infant; how fast the time goes. Best birthday wishes...Kim