Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Monday morning was clean air and bright blue sky and shining flecks of silvery snow blowing about, as Grant and William kicked and karate'd through the drifts.

The big kids got off to school happily, and seemed relaxed after our long weekend.  We were all grateful to spend Thanksgiving day with Aunt Judy and Uncle Jeremy. We hadn't seen the cousins for a while.

Grandma Martha came with us.

Sophie's first Thanksgiving and first taste of  mashed potatoes.

I spent a lot of time trying to apply to this and that, and trying to get life organized over the weekend.  The kids were fairly patient, and agreed to take on some cleaning projects to keep busy.  Friday would have felt like cabin fever, had it not been so cold in the house.  Waiting for the furnace repairman was another less than exciting priority.

So Saturday we made plans and it felt great to get out together. First we went to the dollar theatre.  Sam and Grandma Martha went to Inception and the rest of us saw Despicable Me.  I missed most of the movie because I had wandering William to watch.  I thought, if this movie can't keep him still, its no wonder we can't sit through sacrament meeting.

After the movie we did some shopping for more winter gear. Preparing so many for the cold months is kind of a daunting and expensive task. 

Next was dinner at the Pizza Pie Cafe.  Kyle and Olivia both had coupons for two- kids- eat- free that they earned through reading programs at school.

Pizza Pie Cafe is sure to be one of our new favorites. The kids love to be let loose to the buffet tables of pizzas, pastas, and salads. 

Ben's an eat-desert-first guy,  so he went straight to the Oreo pizza.  I'm not always in to sweet pizza, but I was impressed by the variety, so I had to try a few. I loved the raspberry and couldn't stop eating what was supposed to be just a "sampling."  I thought the cookie dough pizza was particularly picturesque.

Good for Olivia for eating her peas.

Sophie had formula.

After Saturday's fun, I felt a kind of renewed hope in big families. The others seemed equally buoyant, so I suggested that no one say "I hate my life" for at least a week.

Sunday snow fell again. Mary gave the scripture in Primary. She chose Psalms 92:1...It is good to give thanks to the Lord.  I was proud of her for her enthusiasm about practicing it all week. She read it beautifully Sunday morning.

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E Bennett said...

Oreo Pizza from Pizza Pie Cafe is The. Best. :) Ben is a smarty pants.