Sunday, November 14, 2010

classic skate

Last week Caitlin approached me in the kitchen with somewhat of a reprimand. "You need to stop thinking about the Jonas brothers," she said.

I wasn't aware that was one of my neuroses.

This week I felt like I wasn't keeping up so well.  The laundry room was nothing to celebrate and the general clutter seemed to reproduce spontaneously.  I was grateful for Grandma Martha's help.  I was busy with parent teacher conferences, birthday celebrations, and three great nights of Ben's middle school musical, Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Friday after school Bethany had a skating party with her friends at the Classic Skate.

Sophie was invited too.

 I was grateful for the fall colors. I took this from my bedroom window.  Didn't realize I had such a nice view of the park bathrooms.

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