Thursday, November 11, 2010

bethany's birthday

Wednesday morning my thoughts were memories. Nine years ago. Of a rainy Saturday night. Making myself a track around the perimeters of a Wal-mart in Waterville, Maine, waiting for just the right time to go back in the rain, and cross the parking lot to the little hospital, and become mother to a daughter.  And as I was making my circles, a woman and her son noticed me and judging from my  hobbling and wincing, the woman said to the boy, "Ten years ago I walked around this Wal-mart when I was in labor with you."  

Maine is one of my ancestral homes.  My great-grandfather preached in little white churches and lived with his family in parsonages through the state.  My grandpa and great uncles, whom I now call upon as my guardian angels, grew blueberries and dug for clams, and generally believed, as I do, that Maine was Heaven on Earth.  And so when Bethany came into the world in Waterville, Maine, and as we drove our new baby, the twenty miles, give or take, back to our home in Augusta, I felt as if I was making my offering to my ancestors who had been there before me.

I was grateful for that memory.  Here are some pictures from Bethany's birthday.

Before school.

Present time...right after school, as per request.

Something especially from her dad.

In the evening I took the girls to get haircuts.  Bethany wanted her hair cut to chin level. She loved it.

                                         I love you Bethany.

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miriam.plass said...

Happy Birthday Bethany!! I can't believe she is 9 already. What a beautiful girl