Saturday, November 27, 2010

happy, hallows, holy

Friday, November 19, we started off the weekend with pizza night.  Back to Pier 49 Pizza.  Sam wanted to try the Fisherman's Wharf.
Shrimp, crab, tomatoes and green onions, Alfredo sauce, all together an amazing concept.  I wished that the shrimp and crab had been more fresh and flavorful. I imagined how wonderful it would taste to have the juices from the seafood actually seep out and flavor the cheese and sauce. I wished that the tomatoes and particularly the green onions had a stronger presense. They could have cut them thicker.  It's like they had a great idea but then backed away from what could have been a beautiful thing.  I'm getting a little carried away now.
I love this incredible cheese. What tenacity.

 Sam and I both agreed that Pier 49 Pizza's pepperoni is particularly savory. Grant seems to like it too.

Saturday morning the big kids walked to the movie theatre nearby to see the new Harry Potter.

I sent them with my camera and the assignment to document the experience.

Sam's been talking about this one.  I'm always up for Matt Damon.

Expecto Petrolum.

Sunday was cozy.  Kyle made his first batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I couldn't keep the others back from their snow worship.

I was grateful for a happy weekend.

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