Sunday, September 22, 2013

los angeles

I spent another morning enjoying the heavenly ocean air, walking down to the pier and back into downtown Ventura, where I wandered about until it was time to meet Amy.  We drove down to Los Angeles to the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple.  Where we experienced just a few of God's tender mercies, really too private to discuss here, but Amy was again, my angel friend in disguise.
 After the temple we drove into Los Angeles. I really have always wanted to go to Hollywood Boulevard. I love that Amy is always ready to make the most of the day.  She was an excellent tour guide. 

I think you know who I was looking for.

 Almost a dream come true. 

 On Sunday afternoon, Amy drove me to the Paramount Ranch, continuing with our movies theme.  Thank you, Amy.  I am blessed with wonderful friends and wonderful memories.

Does this look familiar? This was the set for Dr. Quinn.

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