Sunday, June 5, 2011

last week of school

The last week of May was also the last week of school. There was a lot going on for everyone and school going on for me, so this year I missed out on most of it.  Tuesday Olivia's class presented songs.  I picked up Sam at lunch and dropped him off so he could attend.  Olivia was happy to have Rob there as well.  He took the big kids to the U2 concert in the evening.  They said it was amazing.

The kids had field day Thursday and it was Sam's last day of middle school and his eight grade trip to Lagoon....twice in one month! Lucky. 

I thought Friday morning was beautiful.

This was the last mad dash to the school bus of the year.

Friday was early out for the kids and I didn't have school so we had lunch in the park.

Friday evening we were all back to baseball.  I love that we all go together.

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