Wednesday, February 29, 2012

january 2012

It's the last day of  February and I am still feeling irresponsible for January.  So just a few phrases to help me remember the experiences I am grateful for.  One beautiful Wednesday--Kathy's wedding at the Provo temple.
Chinese New Year..missed the drums though.
Annie's spanikopita recipe with Grandma Martha.
An afternoon with my son and his dream camera...well he dreams even bigger than that.
Mother daughter day with Caitlin at BYU.
Missed the dragons too, but the dresses came out.
Bethany, Olivia, and friends at the school science fair.
The hundreth day.
One or two days of snowmen.
"The prince is dead." Sam said it much better than that in "A Winter's Tale" at the high school. He made me cry.
The invention convention.

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