Thursday, March 29, 2012

babies make six

Thursday morning, March 29, I woke up at 4:15, went down to be sure Sam was awake.  He was, and looked handsome dressed in a dark plaid shirt and tie, suit pants and a dark coat.  He had to be at the school for the 5:00 bus departure.  He was heading to Layton for a FBLA conference.

Sam I am proud of you for packing your own suitcase, looking after every detail, signing yourself up for something I have never even heard of, growing into your own amazing person.

I drove home and tucked myself back into bed next to William for another hour.  And then the morning started again.

As the children began to gather in the kitchen, there was the typical scenario.  Grant and Olivia both had something to tell me. Neither wanted to wait so I tried to listen with both ears.  Grant's was a line of questions.

"Mom, do baby bunnies get cold?"

"Yes," I said.

"So when they get cold, do their moms make a nest to keep them warm?"

"Yes, " I said.

"Do they pull off their fur and gather it around the baby bunnies?"

"I guess so."

"So is that what all the white stuff is around the baby bunnies?" He asked.

"What baby bunnies? We don't have baby bunnies," I said.

"Yes, we do." He said with a satisfied smile.

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