Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alamosa weekend

I am grateful for any day that I find myself on a road trip.  The third Thursday in April I was particularly grateful to God, my sister Anne, my sponsor--the driver Chris,  Grandma Martha the babysitter, Granddad on daycare pickup and drop-off, and the people at doTERRA and other powers that be in the Universe that combined so I could find myself here by this amazing landscape, which will look so better when I learn how to use my new camera, and stop taking pictures with my phone.

And here in Grand Junction, one of my ancestral homes.
Friday morning we met my sister Anne and drove to this mall in Alamosa, Colorado, the biggest town near her home.  

 We set up a table outside of this health food co-op.  We spent two hours stopping people passing by, asking if they were interested in a free sample of essential oils. It was really amazing that in that little hallway, in just two hours, we found a good handful of contacts for Anne. We were impressed by how eager the customers were to learn about the health benefits of essential oils. We passed out fliers to the event Anne had organized for the afternoon at the Rec center in town, and for the Saturday event as well.

Friday afternoon was a success.  We had two women from the health food store come.  One brought her daughter and granddaughter, who had both had positive experiences with essential oils.  Five seems like a small group, but the number was the perfect amount to be able to address every one's needs and questions. Anne found a new business builder and looks forward to teaching more classes to help people in the area understand how beneficial the oils can be.

In the evening we went to The Joyful Journey Hot Springs pool to swim in this water that is body temperature and above and filled with healthy minerals.Joyful Journey is a social hub of the community both for healthy activities like water yoga and therapeutic soaking, and slightly less healthy, but delicious pursuits like enjoying these amazing sweet potato fries and this hamburger on pretzel bread at the restaurant by the pool.

This was our Saturday morning drive to Howard where Anne had organized a Reflexology and doTERRA Aromatouch  technique demonstration and class.

 It was here at the Eagle's Wing Fishing Ranch. Jan Marie Smith was our gracious hostess.

 Just one of our new friends.

Eric brought amazing lemon bars made with a few drops of  doTERRA lemon essential oil.
 I love the people here and I love this area.  I can't wait to return soon.

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