Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter felt blessed this year.

Saturday we had a cheerfully low-keyed egg dying. Judith and Granddad brought over a huge basket of jelly beans and edible Easter basket grass and special egg markers you can see below, and made the day feel festive.

                                                     Our friend Marie joined us.

Later the girls were invited over to my dear friend Carolyn's home for a hair-styling afternoon.  I felt very grateful for her offer because the girls had been exceptionally good sports when I suggested that we save money by skipping the new dress tradition this year.  There was great excitement about going to bed in curlers.

                                     Easter morning, I started lining up the girls for pictures and Kyle hid under the sofa.  I gave the boys a picture taking reprieve this year.

                                   Caitlin wore the very lovely dress she made at sewing class.

In the afternoon Bethany decorated the table with the decorations that Grandma Martha brought to share, and designed a bunny inspired salad.

The end of the basket hunt. The kids were also good sports about Easter bags this year.  Thank you kids. The baskets were stuck in storage and I couldn't find the key.

Easter egg hunt with the neighbors.  Staton was overheard telling his little sister "Come on... let's win this thing." We all had a laugh about that,  realizing how non-competitive we can be. I was just as glad to share the sugar.

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