Sunday, July 12, 2009

american trees

I am always grateful to have my feet on the ground, but especially after an eleven hour flight. The oldest six were happy to manage themselves in the row in front of us. What a blessing. And no uprisings from the kids in carseats, another blessing.
I am grateful that living in China makes us so happy to meet cousins at Del Taco, hug grandparents, drink tapwater, walk to church. I love opening the window to branches and leaves right to the glass, to breathe in fresh air, and that there really are such things as rays of sunlight.
Tomorrow I'm leaving for Nashville. I was grateful to hear the kids being crazy in the downstairs bedroom. I was grateful that they all enjoy camping out in the same room. Ben said he was more comfortable sleeping in the upstairs bedroom. Sam said "Cool Ben, you get a room with a view...of the church... that's so Mormonism."
Tomorrow the kids start art and movie making classes. Sam can't wait to get a library card.

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