Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sometimes parents, like me, try to leave the house without alerting their small children, to avoid unnecessary sadness, for the child or the parent. So Sunday night I said good-bye to all the older children. They were very sweet, supportive, encouraging. They promised to help Daddy (and they have.) I didn't make much out of leaving to Caitlin, Grant, and William. You would think that leaving at 3:30 am would make for the perfect quiet exit, but not when the children have jet lag.

When I got out bed at 2:30 am, I must admit it felt like the middle of the day. Grant agreed. He looked at me like 'great idea Mom' and crawled out of our bed saying "I done." Before long we realized that all the younger children were awake downstairs, bouncing on beds and screaming about a spider. Mary came up to inform me that it was morning. Jet lag is surreal. I still didn't want to have the little ones cry as I left for the week. I didn't want to cry. So I had Rob turn on the Disney channel at 2:30 in the morning. That was the only hitch in my travel. I was grateful for a safe, easy trip to Nashville.

So there I was ready for a week of immersing myself in this amazing city of musical culture. I started out walking toward Vanderbilt University, because I love university campuses. Then I
explored Music Square Monday afternoon. This is where Elvis recorded Heartbreak Hotel.

I ate at Baja Fresh. Here's a picture for Sam. I would have loved to have shared this salad.

Tuesday morning I walked down to the river, scouted out the Country Music Hall of Fame, that I'll return to later, saw the Honkey Tonks, was tempted to buy a chocolate cow patty for the kids but refrained due to the cost...slightly more than I wanted to pay for such a small piece of poo, walked by CMT, the Ryman Auditorium, the symphony, appreciated the beautiful day.

I walked back up to the Hotel and stopped at White Castle to try one of those odd little hamburgers. I like the onions. I wished I could have shared my onion rings with the kids. Doesn't that look like the south?

In the afternoon I went to my first voice lesson. I mostly talked his ear off. Who could believe that? I was so excited to share my recordings and talk about my experiences. I was grateful for the opportunity. I am looking forward to returning for more lessons today. Brett Manning Studios is located in this house on Music Row. It's quaint on the outside and comfortable on the inside. It is across the street from the something, something songwriters' something, very inspiring, even to someone who only envies songwriters. It is the building with the little mill out front. I sat on the ledge on Tuesday and Wednesday because I was too early for my lessons. Both days I heard the most beautiful songbirds singing, and I thought how appropriate that they would live outside the songwriters' association. I'll show both sides.

I miss Rob and the kids. It is so quiet here in this hotel room. I even turned on Zach and Cody yesterday. It was such familiar background noise. Rob says the kids have been great. They are enjoying their art and movie making camps, and spending time with grandparents. I am grateful to Rob and the kids. They have been so supportive. Whenever I've called they've always been busy and safe. It's been a great opportunity for me to spend some time thinking about my personal goals.

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