Sunday, October 11, 2009

american messy

Monday morning pictures. The sun rises on these piles of laundry, dirty and clean. These are evidence of the big change I haven't had time to write about yet.
The Chinese government is building a commuter train out to the airport that will pass through Shunyi, so many of the locals are having to relocate. Xiao Chen, our ayi (housekeeper), needed some time off in September to look for new housing etc., but I also felt like it was time for us to transition back to cleaning up after ourselves, and time to save money for our move back to the States. I told Xiao Chen we would just like to have her come as a per-hour babysitter from now on. She was satisfied with that because she is very busy. She'll probably need to find longer hours after her move, but we feel good about having our home back to ourselves.

I don't even mind documenting the disaster.

Grant is pretty threatening with a spoonful of mashed potatoes. It's a good thing the kids love to spray windex.

So now I need a sign that says "God bless this mess." Can you order those through Deseret books?

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category5takingtheworldbystorm said...

I could make you one of those on a plaque if you want...Super Saturday crafts coming up in 2 weeks. Vinyl lettering with Raines in as an overlay with "God bless this mess" small in the foreground? only $12... Chery