Monday, October 5, 2009

grant's two

Thursday, October 1, was Grant's 2nd birthday. Grant will always have a day off and a big parade, as long as he's in China. It was also the sixtieth anniversary of the People's Republic. The day off made the birthday morning sugar cereal extravaganza extra festive.

Rob was off work too. He spent the morning tying a quilt for Grant, using the dinosaur material that we bought for him before he was born. The girls and I wrapped his gifts and made his cake. We played at the playground before lunch and Grant's nap.

In the evening we went to MacDonald's at Euro plaza, nearby. Hunter and Scottie MacKay came along. I love two. When we pulled up to McDonald's Grant screamed "McDon's!" He is so easy to please.

When we got back, Grant opened his presents. He was thrilled with his big stuffed turtle and the many surprises in his packages. Everyone knows that Grant loves "car-cars" and Bob the Builder. We had cake Friday night, because Grant was sleepy Thursday night. Grant wasn't too happy in this picture with the cake. His favorite book is about a house of dog firefighters, so he was afraid of the candle on his cake! Smart! We sang quickly.

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