Saturday, September 26, 2009

huangya mountain villa

Can you tell that these pictures are from last year? This year our camera ran out of batteries before we had a chance to take pictures of the huangya villa, so I decided to include some from the Beijiing International branch Great Wall excursion of September 2008. I thought the kids have grown so much over the year!

Last year the boys left Friday afternoon, just like this time. They camped with Rob and the other scouts on the Great Wall. We met them Saturday at noon.

I love the huangya mountain villa. It is the perfect place for a large group function like this one. We eat family style in the cafeteria, westerner friendly chinese food. They put on a bonfire and dance for us on Saturday night. This year's bonfire even included a fairly terrifying fire works display. On Sunday morning we had sacrament meeting together in the grass area surrounded by the rooms.

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miriam.plass said...

I told Bry that maybe we can try to get over there on his spring break this next year. He is still bummed that he missed his chance next year. Hopefully it will work out. You are leaving China next summer right? Just trying to make sure!