Tuesday, September 15, 2009

good morning great wall

Sam looks happy, despite what must have been an uneasy night's sleep on a cold and hard, but historical bed.
Here's a shot of the scouts' Friday night campfire.

and their Saturday morning hike.

That was Ben in the black shirt, underneath the smudge. Rob was using an old dinosaur camera. Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry. Thank me for losing my good camera in the U.S.

Hunter was showing off his new sword. The boys all had 20 kuai weapons before the day was done. Everyone returned with vision intact. Thankfully.

So I was back in Shunyi getting the younger kids packed up to meet the
bus, so I can't explain about this pig.

Or these spiders. Maybe they are Charlotte and Wilbur. I'll have to ask Rob when he gets back.

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