Sunday, September 13, 2009

if not Spock then

These are my Thursday, September 10 pictures. My friend Xochitl hosted playgroup outside at the park. Xochitl lives three houses down from us now. Our boys are so happy. They play together everyday after school. Xochitl prepared a feast or us! There were delicious empanadas from her home country, Mexico.

Caitlin and Grant were having fun with the other children on the spinner. The boy next to her is the one she always refers to as "her friend named Andrew." She tells me everyday that she is going to marry him, if she doesn't marry Spock.

Friday I spent the afternoon baking cookies and preparing a dinner-to-go for the three older boys and Rob. They were heading to the Great Wall with the Scouts for a campout. The girls and I had a "girl party" with pizza and soda and cookies, of course we didn't exclude Grant and William.

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed up to the front gate where we met the rest of the Beijing Branch and the big tour buses. We were also heading to the Great Wall for the annual Beijing Branches/ BYU alumni, I'm not really sure what it is officially called, overnight activity. It was a great time. I have more to write about that next time.

It's Sunday night. Rob had to pack up quickly when we arrived home this afternoon. He left for a conference in Thailand. We all agreed that he is too lucky. We had a great time in Thailand in May of 2005. Maybe I'll post some of those pictures this week, if I get a chance.

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