Sunday, May 1, 2011

it's spring maybe

In Beijing we used to celebrate Caitlin's birthday at the pool. This was Saturday. It's a good thing we planned a roller skating party this year.

I need help overcoming my self-destructive behaviors.  I can't keep myself from buying the themed cupcakes at the Smith's bakery.  The individuality of each little cake, the frosting in neon orange, pink, or green, the little plastic Buzz, Woody, Strawberry and Pupcake rings,sitting a top a perfect coil, it all entices my inner five year old.  So I picked up a couple of boxes to take to the party.  There are two problems.  This happened the last time too.  Before I get to the van, the once lovely frosting has slid and sloshed, something frosting shouldn't do, right off the top of the cupcakes.  And what might be worse, we eat them anyway.  I had to deal with psychotic episodes all day long, only one of them was mine, and I suspect they may have been induced by whatever gives the frosting that neon glow.

Ma, si va avanti.  As for the party, I was happy to take Caitlin, a couple of friends, and the siblings to Classic Skating.  I love that place.

Begging me for more tokens.

Ben and yellow cupcake.  See the new braces .

The cash box.
Caitlin's birthday song request. She likes Selena Gomez "Who says."

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