Monday, May 30, 2011


We bought the Pass of All Passes this year, since I'll be too busy with school to take any road trips (Sadly.  I love roadtrips as much as I love school.)  But here we are at Trafalga.  I had clinic hours in the morning, then after a mid-day house clean up we loaded up in the van and headed here. The Pass of All Passes gets you admission to Trafalga, Seven Peaks, Orem Owls, and Utah Flash games for the year.

Grandma Martha was more addicted to this basketball game than William.  We decided we should never take her to Las Vegas.

William threw his golf club in the pond.

Miniature golf by a freeway.  Reminded me so much of when we lived right next door to Castle Park in Riverside California.  They had a castle themed miniature golf course and roller coasters so all day long I could here people screaming happily.  Sam was fascinated by it but I don't think we ever went in. Probably too expensive to take little ones to. 

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