Thursday, July 14, 2011

birthday at the zoo

Thursday July 6, the kids' Aunt Jocelyn and the cousins were visiting from New Mexico.  It was great to see them.  I've felt unprepared with the camera lately. Last summer I had one in my pocket at all times, now I'm down to the cell phone.  Thursday we tried Seven Peaks together. Got sent home with rain and lightening. We had hot dogs and ice cream at our house and the kids played in the swamp that had formed in our parking lot.  Probably not hygienic, but pure fun nonetheless.

 Jocelyn got a splash back pass, due to the rain closure, so we all returned on Friday.  Sam made me go down the Boomerang. I was terrified. A good way to study the bony landmarks on my inferior limbs since they were all bruised in my backward descent. It was fun to spend that time with Sam despite the black and blue coccyx.

Saturday morning was clinic hours.  In the afternoon we picked up Grandma Martha and drove up to Salt Lake City to the Hogle Zoo, her birthday request.  We haven't been there for months. Everyone was eager to see the Zoorasic Park exhibit.  William just stared and mumbled "Long Neck, Long Neck..."

Olivia peeking out of the bat cave.

Every one's favorite part is the train.

Bethany spotted dinosaurs in the clouds.

Ben and the girls made this diorama for Grandma.

Grandma Martha said it was the best birthday ever.  I was grateful that we were able to spend it with her.  It has been a long time since we have been together on her birthday.

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