Friday, July 22, 2011

cinema verite

Sophie's first time to drive the ice cream truck. 

I heard about managing anxiety that it's important to remember that the safest place is the present. I guess that has to makes sense, since there you are and you're surviving. I feel bad about this constant feeling of survival mode that I've had for how long I can't say. Something close to panic. I am approaching finals week at school. Waiting anxiously to be able to find a job. Not too many months away. And hoping for the feeling that life has begun again to kick in at some point. Without writing that, its hard to write about much of anything. My children have been wonderfully supportive, but I feel like I've lost this summer when I compare it to all the adventures of the last one....but as Judy Collins sang "something's lost and something's gained. in living everyday.."  Do you know that song?  It was probably Joni Mitchell who wrote it.  So I'm really trying to do my best at school, because I know what I am sacrificing.  Next summer we'll have adventures again.

Enough of that rambling.  It took me a while to get used to my cell phone camera.  So here are some random pictures of the summer that I finally figured out how to get on to my computer.

Caitlin's last day as a "preschooler" in teacher Mindy's class.

A trip to Sonic.

Opening day at Seven was still cold so we had the place to ourselves.
Kyle coming home from sixth grade camp.

Grant's dream come true: McDonald's on the way home from school.

Sophie and car seat.

Sophie and car seat again.

Baseball in the evenings.
June 10, opening day of Super 8, long awaited at our house.  I can't wait to see that again at the dollar theatre.

Another cute picture of Sophie.

Sophie eating pizza.


Some cookies.

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Shaunae said...

Megan! Your family looks great and so sweet! Last I caught up with you, you guys were in Utah. Are you moving again? I just saw the picture of the garage and thought that's usually what that means...:)