Friday, August 5, 2011

movers day

Tuesday evening Rob came to pick up the kids.  They've been anticipating this all summer.  I have a list as long as my arm of things around here to organize and clean, but two weeks feels like a long time to have them away.  The house is painfully quiet and everywhere there is something that reminds me of their unique personalities.

 Finals week went well.  I put every minute I could into studying muscles and their functions, origins, and insertions.  Anatomy is a subject I never imagined would inspire me so much.  I feel like my time in massage therapy school has been worth it, if only for this new awareness I have about anatomy.  It is the most pure, meditative way to understand this thing that houses our spirits.  Anatomy and massage therapy seem  to give every one who spends time with them a new appreciation for every human body.

So what else, there was Russian sports massage, over and done with never to count strokes per minute again.  Hydrotherapy...another one to cross off.  I'm not a fan of ice massage, not to say that I haven't inflicted it upon my children.  And sports therapy,  that and shiatsu were my favorite modalities last quarter, both upbeat, physical, particularly sports being more interactive.  I have to admit that I find fifty minutes of Swedish massage is just too...quiet.  Reminds me of when I took American Sign Language in college and I used to dash out of the room at the end of class, where it was permissible to speak, like I was gasping for air.
This week we started Trigger point therapy and Structural Integration and Movement... the two deepest modalities that everyone waits for with sadistic anticipation.  Cranial sacral is new as well.  Trying to feel this mystic cranial rhythm.

 Last weekend, just as finals were over, we received our shipment from Ecuador. This was stuff we packed away and sent off to Maryland storage five years ago before we left for Beijing.

 Some of the stuff didn't fit in the house. This is my garage now.  The next project.  I loved looking at the things we collected in Quito. Reminded me of our wonderful friends there.

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