Sunday, August 28, 2011

starting school

Monday morning was the first day of school. Sam left first.  His first day of high school.  Didn't phase me until about Thursday when he needed me to drop him off there, then I felt that feeling of I can't believe how time has passed so quickly.

Ben started eighth grade.

Caitlin started kindergarten.

Elementary school kids.

Anti-climactic start with the bus.  It didn't show up so I piled in as many kids from the ward as possible.

 I'm grateful to be on this side of last week of mid-terms. I have two quizzes tomorrow and a cranial sacral final on Tuesday morning. Since I survived last week, I'm starting this one with more faith in myself and one-after-another episodes of angelic intervention. Still not wanting to be overconfident.

Other grateful moments. Caitlin and her new best friend discovered they had matching bangs, warranting a photo shoot.

Thursday evening classes and tests were over for the week (still had Friday clinic though.)  I stopped to buy delicious and cheap beans and chips at Saydah's favorite Mexican Market..  I refrained from buying cream horns and elephant ears by taking pictures instead.

  Elephant ears not pictured.

I wish you could see the liquid sunshine.  It was raining where Kyle was sitting but not where I was standing.

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