Saturday, December 31, 2011

our birthday 2011

The first weekend in December, William and I celebrated our birthday together.  William is affectionate, handsome, funny, tyranical.  When he is tired he says "I sleep in yours bed."  When he is impatient he says, "Move yours butt!"  When people ask me why I have ten children, I wonder how they could imagine a world without William.

 This was the first present I handed William on the morning of his birthday.  He just wanted to hold it.

In the morning Granddad took us to a big Christmas activity for families of BYU faculty. 

Olivia's favorite breakfast.

Sophie was in love with this bouncing Santa.

Sam helped William at the craft table.

In the afternoon we met Grandma Martha for more celebration. I love turning forty and being able to say I went to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday.

Thank you to Grandma Martha for the beautiful cake she bought us.

I am grateful to share my birthday with you William.


Lisa said...

Love your posts, Megan! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are beautiful and your kids adorable!

Megan Raines said...

Lisa, It is so great to hear from you. I went to your blog and seeing the pictures of your beautiful family brings tears to my eyes! I miss you all! You should keep up your blog! You have the best vacations ever!