Sunday, October 7, 2012

hee haw farms

 Wednesday, October 3, I was grateful to spend a beautiful field trip morning with the preschool kids at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove.

We arrived early, before the crowds of children appeared.  It was still and idyllic.  We were even treated to a peak at this pumpkin scavenging pig family before the mama pig glared at us and they all ran through a hole in the fence, presumably home.

 The classes gathered to learn a bit about the farm, and then we visited the petting area.

I'm so mad that Granddad won't let us have a pig.


Next was William's favorite, the hayride.

 I didn't know there was a giant pumpkin growing club in Utah. I would want to join, but I think my ginormous tomato plants would feel crowded.

 We walked through the corn maze to the pumpkin patch.

 Grant was the only one who wanted to brave the slide. Sam wondered later if they would let him go on.

 As lunchtime arrived these tables were packed with school children. 

 Sophie wanted to never leave the corn box.

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