Thursday, May 30, 2013

freckles, friends, affection

Caitlin and Sam have the closest birthdays...just eight days apart.  I took Caitlin's favorite treat, doughnuts, into her first grade classroom. 
Her good friend Grace came over to spend the evening with her.

Caitlin wanted to have Panda Express in honor of her birthplace, Hong Kong.

That made everyone  just a little bit excited

It takes a deep breath for seven candles plus one to grow on.

The following Friday Caitlin hosted a pajama party for her friends.  Mary took charge of the games while I went to get the pizza. Thank you, Mary. You are a really big help.  After dinner Olivia sacrificed her personal safety to hold the pinata in the tree.  She was really brave.

Some words that come to mind about Caitlin...freckles, friends, affection. We love you Cate!

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