Saturday, June 8, 2013

vitamin D

Pony tail and dancing boots.

In May I was grateful for going back to parks. Vitamin D. Sanity.

Snow in the mountains Spring in the valley.
Saturday morning science.

I was grateful for mugs, drawings, Mary's Mother's day essay with furthermore and in conclusion, and preschool potted flowers and hugs.  We roasted hot dogs at Vivian park.
Bethany played her cello in the school orchestra concert and the girls demonstrated their artwork at the art showcase. I always look forward to that evening.
Ben needed a haircut...he was looking like a handsome, young, terrorist.
Bethany went to school dressed as Alfred Hitchcock for the fifth grade wax museum.

And this is why we don't use shower curtains.

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Valerie said...

Cool and cute kids! I can see how blessed you are to have them. I was just wondering what's with the title. I thought you're going to discuss about how the vitamin d benefits your kids.