Sunday, July 7, 2013

dance and details

There are days when I feel especially grateful to be involved in the details of their lives.  As the spring recital arrived, so did the details.  I took off work for the big day, as the studio director demands a full day of dress rehearsal at the theatre, which extends late in to the night with two performances for the public.  I drove around town for last-minutes...eye lashes, bobby pins, Bethany's lost yellow ballerina dress--found, just in the nick of time, back at the empty dance studio in the storage closet.  I am happy to have earned my own place among the green room excitement...

 even if it was just gathering costume pieces, and stockings, and lipstick lids.

 The final performance of Seussical Jr. followed the next week. Caitlin was happy to have a friend back stage.

 Publicity shots from Suessical Jr. I stole pictures from the banner at the theatre.

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