Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Good things about our Easter 2009

1. Easter is Good News
2. The Embassy Easter activities...bunches of little ones on Saturday morning doing crafts and chasing after plastic eggs and our three big boys off on the shuttle to the embassy in the evening...they came home yelling "we found the golden egg" and carrying a beautiful big basket of goodies, their trophy.
3. Grandma's packages filled with peeps and jelly beans...reminding me of my childhood.
4. Lilacs on trees.

5. Cute kids in their beautiful new clothing in pictures with lilacs on trees.

6. Kids mauling the real bunnies in the clubhouse again.

7. We've been here long enough to say again.

8. Our pseudo-General Conference Session...sent from HongKong...more Good News.

9.Our traditional Easter basket treasure hunt with rhyming clues...Ben loves to write...He wrote the clues this year.

10.Salmon roasting on the barbeque, our good neighbors outside at the playground, ending the evening talking about Easter with the kids.

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Olivia Meikle said...

But where is the file of your song? You know, YOUR song? I want to hear it again.

And that performance at Fandango is still cracking me up--coolest thing I've seen in years.