Thursday, April 23, 2009

My two favorite words

My two favorite words: international potluck

Its always a pleasure to spend time at the school (barring the counselors office...I've done that too.) I was especially excited to spend time with Kyle's class today. The third graders were presenting their Cultural Museum. They have been long in the preparation....actually we kind of procrastinated and lost things here and there so we have been more short and urgent in the preparation. But it was a nice opportunity to discuss American culture, history, values and beliefs with Kyle. He is especially interested in Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

So they all covered shoe boxes with white paper and decorated them with pictures from their cultures, which are certainly varied, and filled them with artifacts. Kyle brought money, a baseball pendant, some Obama pins, a Book of Mormon, a picture of our family by the Lincoln Memorial, a picture of his great-grandpa Alden, a book about Martin Luther King Jr. They gave short presentations wearing costumes from their country. Kyle wore his church suit. He was a federal agent. (I don't know why he didn't want to be a consular officer.) Then we got to wander about and appreciate the boxes of several classes. I think there are about five third grade classes. I'm telling you this is a big school.

The best part is the school tradition of lining the hallways with the foods. Everyone is tempted to take pictures because its like a mini world tour.

I feel kind of emotional at this time of year when all the field trips, picnics, performances start up. Wednesday I got to celebrate Earth Day with Olivia's kindergarten class. They had a litter-less picnic. It was a bit of a challenge to pack a lunch with no paper involved. I had to smile when one Mom showed up with a big take-out box of pizza. I think something got lost in translation. Its just great to spend a little time in their territory...cherishing this time of their lives.

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