Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter 2010

"One more picture, Mary, but smile this time." I am getting stronger. I did not even consider taking one of the free bunnies at the clubhouse this year, in spite of Bethany's pleading. Of course that was because the brown bunny had already been adopted. Everyone knows the white bunnies are "psycho."

More scenes from the River Garden Easter party. Caitlin called this "the fake Easter."
I would hope so.

The real Easter day. Oops we are late for church again, even with new stockings. This is the best picture that we had time for. I have been in Beijing for three years and these dresses are the first purchases I have made at Yashou (how do you spell that?) the western clothing market. I was quite pleased with them. Caitlin prefers old favorites and hand-me-downs to new clothing, so her new dress didn't make it in the picture.

Scenes from our Easter egg hunt. Kyle and Sam did the hiding. We need a bigger backyard. The fence on the deck added an element of challenge. No picking up dog poo William.
Then the Easter basket treasure hunt. Kyle was the author of the clues this year. Here is the finding.

Thanks to our Easter bunny grandparents!

William's first encounter with black licorice.

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