Sunday, April 25, 2010

sam's big day

This week's kitchen talk was all about Sam's thirteenth birthday celebration. Sam wanted to go see The Clash of the Titans at the Megabox. Olivia understood that we were going to see Teen Titans, and then when we corrected her it became Clash of the Teen Titans. Hopefully we won't have too much of that around the house.

Sam brought his friends Tyler and Luke.

Our whole family is blessed to have Sam as our son and big brother. We love him. We admire is persistence, his affection for his family, his passion for his interests, his dedication to completing a task. We depend upon him every day and see him as our example.
Sam wanted to have a salmon barbecue for dinner.

Luke brought marshmallows for roasting.

Sam can't wait to make sandwiches with his new panini maker from grandma.

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