Wednesday, May 5, 2010

birthday needs, rules, realizations

Sunday Caitlin turned officially four and proved that she was quite capable of expressing her birthday desires. "Everyone is supposed to wait downstairs, hide, and then yell happy birthday to Caitlin," she said. And for breakfast she didn't need the cereal buffet, she wanted "toast and chocolate milk." Swimming was also a request so we did that Saturday in the icy cold, just opened outdoor pool. Ice cream was included.

Caitlin is a Sunbeam this year, so she was looking forward to being sung to in Primary and getting to choose her candy from the birthday basket. After church we opened presents. Grandma showered Caitlin with The Princess and the Frog gifts. From Mom and Dad she finally accepted the pink stroller I had bought her before Christmas, that she insisted I save until her birthday.

I asked Caitlin if she wanted mashed potatoes for dinner. That's what Bethany suggested. "No," she said, "and you can't make me eat them." So....we decided on macaroni and cheese and beans, and barbecued hot dogs. Lindsay and Mayah Sevy came to dinner.

Monday morning Caitlin asked me "Am I still four?" Later she just asked, "And tomorrow too?" Then later it was, "And the day after?" Then by lunch it was, "So for lots of days?" By dinner she reminded me, "'re not the boss of me 'cause I'm still four."

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Catherine Cazier said...

I love that picture of her in the yellow flower dress she look so amazing. What a cutie!! Glad to hear she will still be four here in the next month. Can I stay 27 forever?