Monday, May 31, 2010

soccer saturday

Saturday, May 29, I woke up early to begin recovery-- Bethany had hosted a sleepover Friday night. We packed up the tent that had been set up in the entry way, rolled up sleeping bags, and tossed out soggy bowls of Chocolate Magic Stars. Olivia and Mary had to be at ISB by 8:30 for their soccer tournament. The medal was Mary's favorite part.

A bit of Beijing haze.

Saturday evening the embassy hosted Ozomatli in concert at Chaoyang park, so Rob was working. I took the kids back to ISB for the Beijing International branch closing social. Here are Sam and Brenda the shaved ice machine, a yearly tradition. Brenda was our neighbor in the old house, our good friend, and Sam's sixth grade humanities teacher.

There is my favorite broccoli and bacon salad.

Grant was in heaven. He loved all that the ISB playground has to offer and was especially happy to play with Diego.

He loves to "say hello to the fish."

And he couldn't resist the wading stream.

Sunday was William's first day of nursery.

Bethany has been waiting all spring for these Irises to bloom

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Olivia Meikle said...

Awww, that's my boy!! Can I get copies of those?