Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blessing day

Sunday October 9, we drove up to attend church with Aunt Judy and family, and Grandma Julia. It was blessing day for the kids' new cousin Desiree.
Judy made us a delicious spaghetti dinner. We brought french bread and dessert.  Sam has such a passion for bread.  I really hope he can serve a mission in Italy. The Italians would love his appreciation for food.

The kids love spending time with their cousins.

Olivia never looks happier than when she is with an animal.

As we drove away I reminded the kids that we should be grateful that we had a perfect day with the cousins instead of getting stuck with a flat tire or broken brakes in the mountains.  I had decided to take the scenic route to Magna, through Heber.  Definitely not the short cut.  The van started wigging out as we drove down the pass just out of Park City.  I pulled over and crept along the side of the road and prayed and told the kids to pray and imagined that the van just needed a mental massage, just to get it's central nervous system reset.  After several miles the brakes stopped shuttering and haven't given me any trouble since.  I guess I won't be commuting to Park City. 

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