Sunday, October 2, 2011

school, sophie, silhouettes

This was Thursday September 22, Grandma and I took the boys to play at Pioneer park while the girls were at dance class.  I had the most incredible sense of relief. I passed my licensing exam that morning.  My brain was so fried, driving home from the testing center in Draper, I drove all the way to Springville before I realized I'd passed my exit. 

Wednesday September 27, our class planned to have lunch together at the Chinese restaurant next to our school. Celebration of our last week of regular classes.  Next week we have finals.

What else to write about to finish up with September?  Sophie loves to stop and look at any flowers that she sees.  She points to them when you ask her to.

I love the hairstyles that Sophie's teacher gives her at daycare.  I walked into the lobby. Blinded by the stream of evening sun, I could only see two cute arms reaching up to me, and two silhouetted pigtails. 

This is the view we usually get of Sophie now.

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