Friday, October 21, 2011

ike's ice cream

My first full week at home was tackling the enormous laundry pile. If you were reading last year, during my period of fascination with photographing my monstrous mountains of unfolded clothing, you know the type.  This one was actually blocking passage to the other disaster, Grant and Kyle's room, A.K.A. the family room and playroom.  I figured that was necessary preparation work before I got started on the boxes from China. 

Thursday morning I was getting ready to work on the playroom and when I got a call from a friend who told me that the new ice cream shop at Riverwoods needed kid models to eat ice cream, immediately. So as quickly as I could I got the kids ready.  How hard can it be to convince two little boys and a baby to change their clothes, get in the van and go eat ice cream?  By the time we got to Riverwoods I thought I would never smile again.  I didn't even bother to find my cell phone/camera because I couldn't imagine ever wanting to take a picture of my (I won't say which one) child again.  It was that hard.

Everything changed when we got to Ike's Ice cream and the cones came out.  Chocolate for Grant, his favorite.  William had chosen chocolate too, until he saw Sophie's blue-green bubble gum ice cream and quickly made a switch.  Then an enormous banana split arrived at the table and I was in complete blogger's remorse. No camera!  Life can change so quickly, from just feeling like you are buried under stress and depression, to a happy perfect day. I guess you should always be prepared for the chance that some kind of wonderful surprise might come to your table.

I told Grant we could ride on the carousel after the photo shoot, but it was time to get Caitlin off the half-day kindergarten bus.  So I convinced the kids to leave quickly if we could come back with Caitlin.  By some miracle we made it in time to see the yellow bus pull up to the stop.

It was a gorgeous  day to walk through the mall.  This is the Provo Beach Resort where Ike's Ice cream just moved in. 

They have crafts for kids an Thursdays at 11:30. They made candy corn filled mummy cups.

This is the best my camera can do.  I love this picture of a day on the boardwalk. It made me think about life; a string of productive, stressful, happy, boring, frustrating, lonely, crowded, complicated, interesting days. You live for the perfect moments like the one in this picture.  But how many can you expect? And if you are looking for the wrong thing, maybe you will miss the perfect moment that is happening to you right now.

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