Saturday, November 5, 2011


October 2011 was boxes.  Here I am under the boxes.  Figuratively, as you can see from the camera angle.  The disaster rises above the sofa line.  October there were a blur of birthdays, holidays, school vacations, and such as I sorted through boxes, and got out of bed again, and moved myself through days of hoping to get it all sorted out and put away to move on to something else. I noticed the days were passing and the holidays and birthdays. I believe that I was there trying to be a part of it all, but also always tending to the back of my mind the single mom realties financial and otherwise that make you go to bed each night grateful that you made it another day closer to another day.

The  ten thousand year old cookies Olivia found when we unwrapped our kitchen goods. "What? There were cookies?" Ben asked.  Made in China. Sat in storage for a year. Yum.

Friday, October 14, was a big day for me, I had been imagining and anticipating for some time.  Rob and I didn't go to our BYU graduation day, 14 some years ago, because I had a feeling Sam would be born that day, and he was.  I didn't really feel like that was graduation day for me anyway because after how many years at BYU, I still had one evil awful class to finish independent study.

Back to present day, it was my UCMT graduation, and my first time since high school to walk up and get some type of graduation certificate.  What was most precious about the experience was looking out to see the children, even William standing on his chair,applauding for mom.  Afterwards Grandma Martha treated us all to Golden Coral, my kids' paradise. They deserved it. I should have treated Grandma Martha, but was too poor at the moment. I had a wonderful support system through my massage therapy program and I am so grateful for them.
This was Grant. "I found the chocolate fountain, Mom."
This was a happy day. The following Sunday.  We went to Paul Ream nature park with our bags of old bread.  Grandma Martha came with us.  I was able to convince everyone that they were all coming. like it or not.  And they liked it.

I was happy to see Kyle and Bethany spend a long time together watching the ducks. They are both creature lovers.

Olivia took pictures of the leaves for her entry in the school art exhibit.

Dinner and one of the blessings of unpacking.  Sam made this incredible sandwich with the Panini maker he got from Grandma for his thirteenth birthday.  It was a happy reunion.

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