Monday, November 28, 2011

first snow first lights

Friday November 18 Bethany and Olivia went to a sleep over. I intended to take everyone to Riverwoods to see the light celebration, but had to bring back the little ones, due to fighting over who got to wear which hat. Sam, Ben, and Kyle took Caitlin. Anyway, its fun for the kids to have separate outings. Everyone enjoys the new dynamic. 

They returned and we had Pier 49 for pizza night. I ordered Sam's favorites, pesto chicken and spinach Alfredo.  Later we looked outside and saw snow falling.  Grant was so excited, he ran out in his pajamas and bare feet.  Sam helped all the kids get on coats and boots for a late night snow ball fight.  I was nervous about driving Grandma Martha home in the new, slippery snow, and grateful to return home safely.  The biggest thing I don't like about winter is the possibility of limited mobility.  Grant wasn't worried about anything.
Saturday morning the kids went outside as soon as they could. Sam and Kyle took Grant and William sledding. I had to take Olivia shopping, which was agony for her. She couldn't wait to get back to sledding. Mary and Kyle started a snow man at the park, but decided to transplant it to our yard. By afternoon the snow was almost gone, but the kids intended to use up what they could.

Monday, November 21, the little kids went to Grandma Martha's house for the day.  I spent the time getting my Utah driver's license, the kind of thing I dread.  Not sure what hoops I'll have to jump through, what paperwork will be slightly off. As predicted there was one glitch.  I went to the wrong office. Testing was only done across town.  Just as well since I had forgotten my glasses. Tried again after lunch, passed the open book test, failed the eye exam--good thing I had my glasses, and the happiest thing, walked out with a picture I didn't detest.  I felt pretty euphoric about the whole thing.

In the afternoon Sam wanted to accompany Ben and me to downtown Provo for Ben's guitar lesson. He  found out that I sometimes get lured in to the Peruvian restaurant next to the guitar shop for papas fritas and the most delicious spicy green dipping sauce.  On the way we saw this rainbow over the Y.  I was limited by my cell phone camera and the fact that the light turned green right as I decided to go for the picture. Here's the best I could do.

Tuesday was the kids' last day of school for the week. Mary and Caitlin came home dressed in paper bags and construction paper feathers. I can remember so clearly my own oatmeal box Indian drums of childhood. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Caitlin and her new friend from school.

Tuesday evening, I surprised the kids with a trip to Pizza Pie Cafe to start off the weekend.  I loved this pumpkin pizza.  The place was packed. They were having a text special; three dollars off the regular buffet price.  Caitlin had a coupon for two free kids buffets for her October reading reward. 

After dinner Sam and Mary walked over to the mall to enjoy the lights and the gingerbread houses in all the shops.

Thanks for the pictures Sam.

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