Thursday, November 17, 2011

gyros and eulogy

The first weekend in November the girls had a dance performance in the mall.

Grant and William spent a lot of time travelling back and forth to dance rehearsals. Here they are taking a peek at Caitlin's class.

More unpacking discoveries.  Kyle has been our french toast fanatic.

Still trying to make sense of things, piece life together, find my direction, move forward. This is the basement after the box opening.  Looks hopeless.  Olivia pointed out to me, during a moment of my own frustration, that we once had an enormous laundry pile in the basement hallway, and now it is gone, so we can make it through this, she said.  I was grateful for her encouragement and wisdom.

Here is where all the boxes were in the pictures that I posted before. So she is right. We can make sense of things, little by little.  We call this the clean room. I was hoping to sell the big sofas that our old land lords gave us, but they never sold.  Ben and I lugged them to the garage, where perhaps they will stay when I create the clubhouse of my fantasy out there...someday.  I replaced them with these chairs from Ecuador. They leave more room for the music.

Second week in November.  Grandma Martha and the at home kids and I had a fun day driving to Salt Lake City.  I had to go pay for my massage therapist license.  We had lunch at one of our family favorites, Crown Burger.

This gyros was amazing.

The last of our hamsters passed away so Kyle and his friends held a funeral...

New Orleans style.

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